Mira Eskelinen (Miss Vinyl Envy)

Drag, Production, Rap
This no-holds-barred creature from the outer edges of the drag galaxy combines elements from hiphop to haute couture and from acid trips to bedtime stories. Miss Vinyl Envy is a queer drag artist and rapper with a fierce dedication to weirdness. Her stage presence issues commands and we can do nothing but obey. Word on the street is she’s working on a rap EP, but she's also an an active podcaster; her most recent series, Trans Enough, features long-form interviews that go far beyond the basics.

Juuso Kekkonen

Stand-up, MC
Juuso is the literary-comical equivalent of superglue, holding together ideas that you never in a million years thought would connect. He’s got a big inappropriate heart and a notebook full of wild stories to back it all up, and audiences end up charmed wherever he goes. He runs alternative stand-up once a month at Kekkosklubi, and his latest show, Profetia, combined climate change, cult leaders, and pyrotechnics.

James Lórien MacDonald

Stand-up, Production, MC
Between witty raconteur stuck in the last century and full-blown hot modern mess, James is one of the most memorable comedians on the Finnish stage. He’s the founder of Feminist Comedy Night, where he’s made a calling out of creating more diverse spaces for comedy. His weekly podcast with Ali Jahangiri, How Bad Was That, takes on Finnish news and culture in English. His show Gender Euphoria, is still touring in Europe, and he also travels abroad to give lectures and workshops on trans and queer performance.